SAP BPC Classic vs Embedded Version
June 10, 2016

The embedded version of BPC is growing its footprint on the BPC landscape.  For companies that want to have their BW team manage the dimensionality and other aspects of administration for BPC, this will be a welcome change.  However, the embedded version may not be for everyone.  Many customers like to develop custom hierarchies and maintain custom member properties.  In the embedded version, those items will need to be maintained in BW instead of the BPC administration interface.

Some companies may allow Finance administrators access to their BW environment, but if not, there may be a bottle neck effect of having to submit hierarchy and property changes to a third party with BW access.  Depending on your company’s controls environment, the embedded version may be much harder to maintain than the standard or classic version.  Be sure that you discuss the implications to both approaches thoroughly in the design phase before you decide whether to implement the embedded version or not.